Friday, February 8, 2013

Keep Calm and Blog On

A couple of years ago, while I was still in grad school, I used to write a fun, bitchy blog, but gave it up when it appeared that I had Evidently Hurt the Feelings of Real Live Peoples in My School Program who were dumb and didn't know how to keep their fool mouths shut. I'm making a fresh start here, but I'm not gonna lie. I can be a bit of an asshole, so it could happen again. I'm hoping to limit my bitching to things like terrible movies and unsuccessful recipes and bad days at work. *Mostly.*

 A few things about me. I'm an editor, currently working for i) a think tank* and ii) an academic journal. I'm a mama and a PhD dropout (ABD, if that matters). I love wine, books--with an especial regard for eighteenth-century literature (which means I might say silly or lewd things, or Go Along Capitalizing Words For No Apparent Reason), funny movies, music (anything from 1940s big band and crooner tunes, to 1970s-era soul and funk to Deadmau5. Dubstep, however, makes me feel like pooping). I like to play noid games like Scrabble, Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft and Torchlight II. I also love cooking (sometimes) and bitchin' (mostly).

Yeah, bitchin' is kinda my specialty. I like to use my Mastery of Bitch Arts (MBA? BAHAHA!) to make people laugh. So pop by once in a while. Unless you don't like laughing or bitching, in which case feck off, cup.

I'm also on The Twitters and The Pinterestinks.

* Do I *really* need to say that all opinions expressed here are my own?